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Reengineering marketing

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New conditions demand new business management strategy. Technology enabled a disruption greater than any department or team level at a company can solve.

Customers severed the business message and took control of marketing channels.

Media lost privilege, marketers lost their minds, business lost their playbook, and customer’s rewrote the rules of engagement.

We need to reengineer marketing from the outside in and then align people, process, and technology from the inside out.

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Fast Start — Social Media Landscape 2015

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The CMO 2015 Social Landscape partnered with Aberdeen Group to create a new chart and new evaluation criteria.

New social sites since arrive all the time, did your organization invest in Pinterest? Google+?

They might be an easy, what of Qzone? Plurk? or KakauTalk?

Now with Aberdeen Group research links you can find out what the heck to allot the VK budget.

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Get control of your social media self with blogs

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In social media you get back what you give out.

Frozen mental models of marketing 1.0, or outbound marketing, continue to present tough nuts to crack for why people do not let go of hang ups.

The technology to hyperlink and to subscribe to content mirrors social interactions, not a new marketing channel to exploit.

Here are blogs to help you get control of social media self.

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Get control of your social media self with infographics

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How to get control of your social media self is a topic that, for some, seems to mean there is a set of rules, or a prescription to follow, that will make it easy and deliver instant results, fame, and fortune.

Well, like losing weight or learning a skill, there are no social media shortcuts.

Those transparent about their lifelong learning come to manage their social media identity and support others in a virtuous giving, learning, providing, receiving cycle.

Learn to manage your social media identity faster and have more fun with this list of infographics and checklists from other’s shared experiences.

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Community persona for project management

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A project is an intentional effort to deliver a product or service that creates an opportunity – intended or otherwise. Projects have multiple stakeholders with multiple needs for, or against, project realization.

Typical project steps include initial scope design, organization impact assessment, stakeholder identification, communications planning, risk, and a second iteration of scope, delving into user community goals serves project and stakeholders more accurately.

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Social media strategy review for Project Management Institute — New York

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Yesterday worked with Project Management Institute New York City chapter in an all-day retreat with focus on communication and collaboration.

Offsite objectives included how the chapter shares events and activities that improve community persona need.

The presentation is included within and was used for discussion on integrated communication and what social media support might look like.

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Social Media in an Agile World

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Very pleased to present at Project Management Institute New York City chapter on Agile project methods to create and manage social media. This was a great opportunity to formalize some thoughts from my Lean into social media post and present to a very active and engaged community. Many thanks to PMINYC for the invitation. You can download Adobe Acrobat or PowerPoint version just below.  To view presentation within this site, scroll past. Download my PowerPoint version to review my page notes for more detailed notes and sources. View through slideshare, below.  Invite me to speak at your event.

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Search engine sources

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Across the web and on sites search engines help us answer questions. Whether Google, bing, Yahoo!, or other search features, you type into the search field when you need an answer. What comes back relies on a combination of how you searched, the words and combinations you used, and how search engines tag relevant items. Last week a friend called on the phone with some questions on search engine marketing (SEM). I thought to post this as a follow-up. Of course I answered his questions on the phone and I did not tell him, “wait until I post a response … “. Did You Find That? If you build it, does not mean, they will come; particularly if they can not find it. As of this writing, there are a mere 50 billion pages on the web, give or take a billion. Good luck cutting through that clutter or not being perceived of adding to that clutter. The objective of why I write is to socialize things I discover and what I learn. There is a maxim I follow: the only way you know what you know is to socialize what you think you know. Let people comment, let people challenge and you articulate a position. In this space thoughts expand. Knowledge in a vacuum is hot air. I assume an objective for what you write is that you are found and part of what you write should include how you write to make it easier to get found by search engines. From the web producer side, whether a blogger, site owner, commenter, or …

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Lean into social media

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Social media stresses compression of more with less.  The more is information, the less is time.  Time to read, react, and respond drives our need to process information from wider sources and shortened news cycles. Individual and organization credibility can use a Lean approach in social media for more agile solutions to manage social media interaction. There is little patience to wait for the morning paper, the 7pm national news or even 24-hour-news broadcasts any longer. Live news streams in from all comers in all corners.  People on-the-ground, without press credentials, yes, but with on-the-ground credibility, nonetheless. Within 72 hours video of the February 15th meteor that streaked across the Russian sky had 138 million views; for some context 2011’s Super Bowl audience was 108 million.  The video was not captured by an official news outlet, the images came across smart phones and dashboard videos. I May Not Hear You, but Anyone Can See You Social media has set new communication expectation for prompt answers.  No longer are people satisfied with communication within days or weeks, now expectations are answers or communication response within hours and minutes. Approximately 30% of respondents told one survey that they expect companies to reply within hours when contacted via social media; 16.6% expect a response in less than 10 minutes; 13.1% less than an hour; 29.2% said within the same business day. When asked how quickly they expect companies to respond to a question or complaint on Facebook and Twitter: Across regions, 81% of Twitter users expect a same-day response to questions and complaints posted at the news feed 30% of Twitter users expect a response …

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Community persona for change management

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With the on-going game focused on more of less, our organizations are expected to not only run lean(er), but to lean further into the winds of constant change and constant constraints.

Change is no longer an event to manage and move on, organizations must realize change is the only constant. This operating climate highlights change management as a competitive advantage to those that figure it out, pivot, and to maintain an engaged workforce.

The stakeholders and the voice they have remains a stronger voice for change than any amount of company flyers, magnets, and town halls. Adopt a community persona strategy to improve organization, change management capability.

Recap: Community Persona Design for Organizations

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Welcome to the collected Community Persona Design for Organizations series. Each post is a self-contained concept that supports both the post topic and adds community persona design elements and methods.  Anyone can use methods from each post individually or in addition to methods from another post. Every post includes templates, blog references for further reading, book references, citations, and presentations all available as either downloads or direct links to save, modify, print, read, buy, or customize. Together the series provides new options to improve stakeholder engagement, adoption, and utility for a host of organization opportunity. Though presented in an Organization Development (OD) blog, the Community Persona series combines principles and elements from social media marketing and software and hardware design principles that apply to effort along a variety of organization initiatives from project management, change management, and corporate communications. My objective is to share how to develop content that describes opportunities organizations, teams, and people face and details methods to communicate organization issues around: What solves their challenge; Acknowledges what keeps them awake at night; Meeting all they need to know to understand, adopt, and advocate to others; What their success looks like; A 2-way exchange of information to manage expectations — no surprises or hidden agendas; and What needs to happen for them to accomplish their work — current state and potential state As of [date] this represents the entire Community Persona series.  Further topics are in development and am currently editing a training design post for this series. As always, I welcome your insight: Buyer persona for organization strategy and development — The series introduction and case for community persona organization strategy Resources include:  PowerPoint …