Not only consumer- or business-facing communication, marketing is also important to the internal position of organization strategy and needs, because if people don't resonate with the message there is little effort to achieve organization goals.

Communication in the age of saturation, part 1

SmartConeofSilence tn

The goal of communication is to be understood.  In the age of communication saturation action is the objective. Typically, the first piece of communication advice is: know your audience. When you know your audience – their interests, their lingo, their needs – you better relate to their communication style. When you know their style you […]

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Communication in the age of saturation, part 2

Death of a Salesman tn

People don’t care what you are selling. People want to know what makes their life better. Is your communication effort designed to interrupt people? Think of the filters you put up around your world to manage the saturation of information and decisions you have to make. What percentage of today’s decisions do you make from […]

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Communication in the age of saturation, part 3 visual


In two prior blogs, Communication in the age of saturation, part 1 and part 2, I outline our communication challenge to break through filters and biases that people initiate to manage information overload. In the spirit of Henry David Thoreau’s quote, “what I began by reading, I must finish by acting”, I present a powerful display […]

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Twitter is a waste of time

Twitter has changed the way people communicate. The marketing world, as it was known, has been carpet bombed. The rules have changed. The roles have changed. In a series of earlier blogs I talk about communication in the age of saturation, so I won’t repeat those points. However, I will revisit one reality: people don’t […]

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