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I have worked with Toby, directly and indirectly since 2016 on business impacting programs for both Payments and Cloud ... Toby was instrumental in developing the agile methodology we used to dramatically improve the delivery times to customers such as American Express and PNC Bank.

"Toby is a very focused on Business Impact and removing process inefficiency; especially during the R&D lifecycle. This disciplined focus helps my leadership team & I ensure our staff do not waste time on ineffective processes and are increasingly productive.

"This relentless focus has also highlighted areas of improvement in the Product Management lifecycle which will in turn deliver greater product pricing & ROI when implemented."

Francois du Toit, SVP, Global Head of Product Development, WEX

I’ve learned a lifetime worth of lessons about modern digital enterprise transformations at enterprise scale in my time with Toby. Toby has the unique capability to appreciate executive vision, then formulate roadmaps and lead organizations through their transformation journey.

"While many companies are working to modernize and deliver better digital experiences to their customers, Toby’s work with our banking clients represents the all-too-rare, successful, true transformation which benefits the bank’s customers while modernizing the bank’s operations, systems, and experiences.

"I selected Toby to lead our thought leadership initiative for the Digital Innovation Lab based on his contributions to previous innovation efforts. Toby’s contributed significantly to the collective intellectual property of our firm, both before and after the acquisition of our firm, LeapFrog Systems, by Apex Systems."

Ted Simms, Executive Vice President and Managing Partner of LeapFrog Systems, now Apex Systems

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