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Top 10 blog posts for 2011, 5 to 1

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Would you call this a fad?

Top blog posts from 2011, from number 5 to number 1, a follow-up from Top 10 blog posts for 2011, 10 to 6

5.¬† The cost of culture, a 50% turnover of the Fortune 500 ‚ÄĒ

This blog came about to reiterate that change is constant and the things that may have gotten a company to the Fortune 500 are not what guarantees a company can stay in the Fortune 500.  This blog reviews that in a 10-year period 50% of the Fortune 500 companies no longer remain and that perhaps this turnover is the failure of company culture to adapt.

4.¬† Scope or: how to manage projects for organization success; impact analysis template ‚ÄĒ

This 1 of a 4-part series on project scope¬†and the impact scope has on project failure.¬† This blog includes an impact analysis template to identify the project’s impact on the organization.¬† The impact analysis is a great precursor to the stakeholder analysis as it helps identifies hidden stakeholders and systems before launch.

3.¬† Change management bottom up or top down ‚ÄĒ

Another blog originally written in 2010 that flips the worn out, change theory, clichés that change must start at the top or that leaders drive change.  Change driven from the bottom, the base, of the organization has more traction.

2.¬† Mergers and acquisitions failures are project management failures ‚ÄĒ

When viewed as a project, a merger or acquisition’s success can have new clarity.¬† Whether to approve a merger or acquisition means assumptions and promises¬†made¬†about a merger or acquisition success.¬† The money or leverage¬†put¬†at risk on the project success assumption.¬† This blog looks at a pretty compelling list of sources that reveal a grim success rate.

1.¬† This social media fad will ruin organization development ‚ÄĒ

Collaboration, transparency, community, and adding value are elemental to organization development or social media?  Or both?  Some think social media is a fad, most are not aware of organization development, an organization development professional can gain from social media and a social media professional can gain from organization development.

Top 10 postscript:  When I think of the Top 10 blog posts for 2011, I now realize I should have renamed them the Top 10 most viewed blogs in 2011:  only one of the 10 blogs was written in 2011.  Of the remaining eight of the other nine were written in 2010 and number 10 on the list was written in 2009.

As I think this through, I am reminded of the power of inertia on the web.  Popular clicks increased exposure on search engine results and, in turn, reinforced the most popular. or most numerous, clicks.

Alternatively, I could think I did not write anything in 2011 the meets the interest of what I wrote in 2010.  That could be.  A way I could refute that thought is to look if my 2011 blogs involved more of community:  more comments, more social media interaction, lower bounce rates, and higher average time on site provides a better view.

2012 may show that 2011 blogs had more clicks.  But more popular?  Only time and fancy analytics may lend some truth.  I really like this medium to interact, learn, and share Рthank you.

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