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4 performance myths dispelled and no more performance reviews

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Talent Management 2010-09-29, Click to Open Digital Version

September’s Talent Management magazine writer Mr.Harold D. Stolovitch provides a reality check within his Human Performance column titled Dispelling Performance Myths:

  1. High job satisfaction results in high performance
  2. When employees select their own work goals, their motivation to achieve them is greater
  3. Personality inventories used for selection purposes are strong predictors of job performance success
  4. Organized, supervised work teams outperform self-managed teams

Fortunately Mr. Stolovitch also offers what to do differently for each myth.

And to continue with another dose of cold-water in our never-ending quest to motivate and manage our greatest assets, September’s Talent Management magazine cover story tells us How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Employee; Start With a Performance Review.  Mr. Samuel Culbert advocates doing away with performance reviews, entirely!

Heresy you say?

Well, here’s his seven pieces of advice for true employee growth, see Mr. Culbert’s article for deeper insight:

  1. Make subordinates see that you understand their perspective;
  2. Show subordinates that change is important for the company;
  3. Be willing to make exceptions to the rules;
  4. Show subordinates how making changes to themselves can make a difference for their future;
  5. Be specific;
  6. Avoid comparisons; and
  7. Use “I” speak

Well there you go, 2 sources to shake performance and people management inertia.

Let me also mention you can get an annual subscription to Talent Management magazine delivered to you electronically or physically for free and without cost [I get no compensation for the recommendation]. It is a great monthly read.

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