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Agile Experience Design by the book

Toby Elwin, Agile, Design, Lean, WIIFT, community persona, person, Marc McNeill, Lindsay RatcliffeThis year I have found software, hardware, and product design fascinating for my Organization Development professional development.  The reality is we are all designers:  we design emails, PowerPoint presentations, facilitation, training programs, change management initiative, just as a minute sample.

The constant challenge remains what is our audience need and how do we answer an audience’s mental model in a battle to understand:  What’s In It For Them? (WIIFT?).  To design for this is the key to muster their motivation.

This book delivers insight into Agile project management methodology that integrates customer involvement far earlier, as well as constant iteration process that provides maximum value in minimum time, who wouldn’t gain?  Think change management as you read this excerpt:

[designers need to] … check every decision, every action, and process throughout the product development life cycle and ask, “Where’s the value?” We need to take time to understand why we’re doing the project, what value means in context and what that value looks like, and how to deliver and measure the value.

The book is a call to arms for designers to amp up their capability if they ever expect for their profession to claw their way back to relevance.  This has been a similar theme I’ve taken for organization development and talent management professionals to my series Community Persona Design for Organizations to pick up the design banner from social media, software, hardware, and product designers who use:

We can learn to create deeper value, as well as learn how to talk to our Information Technology brethren in a common language, and that is on our shoulders to glance over the wall and see what other professions can lend us.

So far, the book provide practical, inspiring, sensible options.

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