The Who, generation, 12 tips to bridge the generation gap

12 tips to bridge the generation gap

This is the first time in American history that four generations are working together.

Baby Boomers actually have quite a bit in common with Gen X’ers or Echo Boomers, particularly because they gave birth to them and Gen Y probably knew them as siblings.

Guest blogger Michele Simos offers a simple solution to getting all of the generations on the same page.

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Marketing 2.0 – You better free your mind instead

Marketing was a constant assault is ever louder, obnoxious, efforts to overcome TiVo, the VCR and DVR, our iPod, satellite radio, and our Internet to gain our attention.

We are tired.

We cope, with filters.

We cope, by blocking their information.

We stop reading, we are tired of your marketing and public relations hype everywhere we turn throughout our day.

What is Marketing 2.0.