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Business as a foreign language for HR professionals

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close … enough?

Today in Human Resource Executive Online I eagerly read a post titled Is Business a Foreign Language for HR?

Anyone who has seen or read my blogs knows, I’m pretty insistent that human resources (HR) to include organization development, organization behavior, training, diversity, compensation, does not deserve a place at the table until HR understands the essentials of business:  finance and sales.

The article brought a deeper perspective:

According to Dave Ulrich, “we have consistently found that knowing business is not as highly ranked as a predictor of HR effectiveness.” Much more important in determining an HR executive’s effectiveness is whether the individual is viewed as a “credible activist” — someone who offers a point of view, takes a position, and challenges assumptions. They practice HR with an attitude, and are able to influence others.

The article brought to light something new that I appreciate:

…knowing business (finance, marketing, operations) is the ante, or ticket, of admission. Without this knowledge, HR won’t be included in key business discussions where they could provide a point of view, take a position, or challenge an assumption. And, if invited, they are not asked to stay.

I hope you enjoy Is Business a Foreign Language for HR? and the call to arms to amp up our business acumen as much as I enjoyed it.

Here is a link for a free subscription to Human Resource Executive Online, a great publication for anyone who will dedicate themselves as a human resource professional?

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