Gary Best, Principal, PerformanceBest

“I had the privilege of working with Toby as his supervisor for two years [at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey]. I experienced Toby as a highly creative problem solver and an astute student of life in organizations. “Toby approaches his work using several conceptual frameworks that he seamlessly integrates into a powerful lens for problem understanding and solution generation. “One framework that Toby brings to bear is design thinking wherein he works to understand a situation from a variety of perspectives, so that the solutions he generates seek to truly match people’s needs with what is technically and operationally feasible, creating clear value for the users. “A second framework Toby utilizes is appreciative inquiry. In using this framework, Toby seeks to bring people together to identify and explore the best of what is so that it can be used …

Bill Beyer, Partner, Deloitte Consulting

“Toby worked with me at Deloitte, he was excellent at strategy, developing conceptual organization models that when implemented had huge impact. He did not fall into the trap of changing reporting lines but looked at holistic organizations and performed interventions that were long lasting and effective. “He is a great communicator and a guy that has steady hands when delivering on the promise of a job.” Find out more about Deloitte Consulting

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Ned Steinberger, Founder, NS Design

“Toby is an energetic self-starter who was able to identify marketing opportunities for NS that had never occurred to me.

“He was able to provide actionable concepts and follow through that helped NS to reach a wider audience, combining market outreach with educational forums that served to energize potential customers and create a larger interest in our products. This included press releases, posters, seminars, and video documentation, all of which Toby conceived and executed independently.

“Toby is savvy with modern electronic media and networking, always keeping a creative eye on future marketing opportunities.”

Pavel Khizhnyak, VP of Partnership Business, Forex Club Financial Company

“Toby is a solid business development and human capacity resource. Toby is easy to work with and has an upbeat personality. As such, he was an effective and supportive colleague, with great listening, interpersonal, and multicultural skills (international experience in Hungary and China as two, very challenging work environments). “I do not hesitate to recommend him, with high regard for the quality of his change management and human capital development expertise.” Find out more about Forex Club

Sam Thompson, General Partner, Progress Partners

“Toby regularly demonstrates a noble ability to think on his feet when offered the challenge. He has a sound ability to quickly ramp up with a team, conceptualize process, communicate the options back to the room, and then provide actionable dialogue. “When a business or team becomes out of sync with it’s market, customers or partners, and employees, Toby bears sensible analytical acumen to regain necessary alignment.” Find out more about Progress Partners

Charley Matera, Principal, HiComm Consulting

“I have worked with Toby over this past year, 2009 – 2010, on a signicant change management project in which we are both stakeholders.  Toby came into this process midstream and immediately provided a fresh perspective on both strategic and operational issues. “His ideas have helped to re-frame the project into a more ambitious and quite doable endeavor with benefits previously unforeseen.  He has shown great persistence and patience, continuous dedication and loyalty and creative energy.  Toby keeps stepping forward to lead the charge with great ideas and commitment to collaboration as his modus operandi. “I have found a great, new friend.  Toby is that kind of consumate professional and friend with whom one confidently shares – knowing that his intelligence, thoughtfulness, energy and graciousness will not let you down. “Let me put it this way:  you don’t want Toby on the other …

Tony Kmetty, Partner, The Hunting Territory Consulting

“I have had the privilege of interacting with Toby in a variety of capacities…first as the Director of his MBA program, then as a colleague as we launch a professional services consulting firm and through the years as a friend and sounding board as he worked with consulting firms and intelligence agencies. “His diverse background is a clear indicator of his ability to contribute and prosper in numerous sectors from Higher Education to government to corporate. Toby carries himself with a contagious, yet realistic optimism and is able to adapt himself and his team as the need arises. “During his MBA studies, Toby was instrumental in establishing the university’s Student Board in order to have the students properly represented between them, the faculty and administration, which had not existed previously and has since become an integral part of the university …

Michele Simos, President, Simos Consulting

“When I needed a social networking presence, I turned to Toby. He helped identify my needs, analyze my goals and audience and quickly turned that information into an action plan. “He has supported me every step of the way. “He has the patience of a saint, the intuition of a sage and the knowledge of everything to do with social networking. And, when something new emerges, he’s on top of it. “I give him credit for hooking me up with social networking and providing inspiration and nonstop encouragement. “I can’t tell you enough good things about this talented professional.” Find out more about Simos Consulting

Stephen Cummings, Owner, Insights

“Toby exemplifies the next generational leadership that is shaping the future. He has an amazing ability to get to the crux of the matter quickly. When you combine this with his ability to astutely understand the needs of each client you will understand how he has become a trusted partner to senior leaders. He works effectively and comfortably within all organizational and skill levels; willing to take the time to impart and mentor in a productive ‘challenge and support’ role. “Toby’s strategic leadership and hands-on assistance supported the Massachusetts Bay Organization Development Learning Groups* transformation into a learning community. Concurrently, his energy and enthusiasm helped mobilize and accelerate a change that enriched its 600+ membership; providing transferable Social Media skills and creating a foundation for greater connectivity and growth. “If you want a partner who can listen carefully and help …

Dan Sorger, Founder, Dutch Bicycle Company

“I can honestly say that without Mr. Elwin’s input we would not be in business today. “Our importing business was suffering and we were losing money, we asked Mr. Elwin to analyze our business to help us determine what we need to do and how best to implement the changes. “He acquired a deep understanding of our business, our culture and our methods. He was also instrumental in putting forth a ‘road map’ of how to accomplish our goals and hone our services/products to tailor them so they are better received in the market place. He also got us back to our original mission statement. This was key to stopping the money drain. “Through his observations and his ability to quantify manageable and obtainable goals, we are now in a position to expand, and with Mr. Elwin’s help, we also …

Aubrey (Bill) Tobey, President, ACT International

“Toby is a visionary with great creative talents, practical logic, a ‘can do’ positive attitude with excellent management, communications and organizational skills. “As an advisor to the Arctic Group in its efforts, under his management to attract foreign semiconductor manufacturing businesses into the eastern region of Hungary, I was impressed with his brightness, ‘heads-up’ energy, total dedication, multiple national and local government and business connections, and understanding of statistics on available labor and technical skills – education, competence and quality, swift assimilation of new ideas, and approaches. “It was ahead of the infrastructure attractiveness of the time, but surely was the catalyst in subsequint regional development.” Find out more about Aubrey (Bill) Tobey

Gary Lazor, Business Development Director, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Toby is a solid business development and human capacity resource. Toby is easy to work with and has an upbeat personality. As such, he was an effective and supportive colleague, with great listening, interpersonal, and multicultural skills (international experience in Hungary and China as two, very challenging work environments). “I do not hesitate to recommend him, with high regard for the quality of his change management and human capital development expertise.” Find out more about Booz Allen Hamilton

Ren Pope, Information Architect, Industrial Medium

“I have worked with Toby Elwin on a continual basis for over five years. During this time, I have seen Toby produce and provide world-class, time-critical products that supported programs vital to the highest echelons of national security. Toby was able to analyze a complex organization in chaos, develop the course of change and then communicate with excellent documentation and presentations. “Since our first project, I have had the opportunity to work with Toby on several other projects and he consistently injects innovation and a sense of purpose into every endeavor. I am always amazed by the depth and versatility of his knowledge. “Toby has my number one recommendation for someone to work with.” Find out more about Industrial Medium