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Competing values drive your organization out of business

Change very often comes in multitudes and magnitudes, rarely in order and procedure, but change resistance seems to come in constant waves.

A Competing Values Framework will identify your current state organization strength and desired state.

Organizations that understand competing values and the impact of culture can train and manage and cultivate people who can grow with the organization. The Competing Values Framework identifies the culture people are working in, any disconnect, by team or business unit, to then create strategies that align to the culture needs to challenge the culture.

What to keep and what focus to adjustment needed to survive or to excel.

The Who, generation, 12 tips to bridge the generation gap

12 tips to bridge the generation gap

This is the first time in American history that four generations are working together.

Baby Boomers actually have quite a bit in common with Gen X’ers or Echo Boomers, particularly because they gave birth to them and Gen Y probably knew them as siblings.

Guest blogger Michele Simos offers a simple solution to getting all of the generations on the same page.