Charley Matera, Principal, HiComm Consulting

Toby Elwin, reference, referral“I have worked with Toby over this past year, 2009 – 2010, on a significant change management project in which we are both stakeholders.  Toby came into this process midstream and immediately provided a fresh perspective on both strategic and operational issues.

“His ideas have helped to re-frame the project into a more ambitious and quite doable endeavor with benefits previously unforeseen.  He has shown great persistence and patience, continuous dedication and loyalty and creative energy.  Toby keeps stepping forward to lead the charge with great ideas and commitment to collaboration as his modus operandi.

“I have found a great, new friend.  Toby is that kind of consummate professional and friend with whom one confidently shares – knowing that his intelligence, thoughtfulness, energy and graciousness will not let you down.

“Let me put it this way:  you don’t want Toby on the other team, you want him on yours.”

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