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Communication in the age of saturation, part 1

cone of silence, communication in the age of saturation, Toby Elwin, blog
I insist on the cone of silence for your attention

The goal of communication is to be understood.  In the age of communication saturation action is the objective.

Typically, the first piece of communication advice is: know your audience.

When you know your audience – their interests, their lingo, their needs – you better relate to their communication style.

When you know their style you can write and speak in a way that they understand. Of course once your audience understands they can then act.

In this age of communication saturation your employees, customers, and other stakeholders are under the same constant communication barrage as you and me.

Our connected world (interestingly, when wireless we are still connected) has not altered the advice to know your audience.

Barrier to Entry

To know your audience means you know the barriers, channels, and filters in place that block communication.

If received, people further filter communication by how it will:

  • make their life better or worse;
  • hurt or help what they need to do;
  • help them gain or lose;
  • make their job harder or easier;
  • answer how much or how little it costs (value), and
  • positively or negatively affect their ego

We know today your audience not only sits at their desk in your office or company, but may sit or stand or walk or run any where in the world.

Know Your Role

You also have to expect your audience and management will filter your message through their wants, values, needs, and emotions. Expect your audience and managers to editorialize as they deliver their version of your message.

When you step to a podium to give a presentation expect an audience armed with the technology to tweet as you speak.

Anything you write or speak about rarely translates as you expected

They are editorializing before you have an opportunity to finish.

A sound communication strategy should provide the difference between getting something done and getting something accomplished.

Reaction is the communication objective.

Your communication has to be strategically aligned to avoid serious barriers between your communication and an expected call to action.

Communication in the Age of Saturation Series:

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