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Communication in the age of saturation, part 3 visual

In two prior blogs, Communication in the age of saturation, part 1 and part 2, I outline our communication challenge to break through filters and biases that people initiate to manage information overload and communication saturation.

In the spirit of Henry David Thoreau’s quote, “what I began by reading, I must finish by acting”, I present a powerful display that might help in your communication assessment and planning effort:

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The Conversation Prism, by Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas and updated to 4.0, available in 6 .jpg sizes, and as a wall poster.  [post updated 04/16/2015]

Communication Saturation, No Thank You

Since money and time are both finite resources we all struggle to manage, this Conversation Prism visual may provide a strategic tool to maximize your effort. When you look at this visual representation think through:

  • What vehicles do you currently us?
  • Do you use current communication vehicles or options in their best context?
  • What communication vehicles might provide better results?
  • How might limited resources maximize your options?

Also, note the importance feedback has on communication.

My humble appreciation to Brian Solis and JESS3. Please visit at:

Of course if you can’t frame your communication to provide value, please go directly to jail and do not pass go …

Communication in the Age of Saturation Series:

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