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Dan Sorger, Founder, Dutch Bicycle Company

“I can honestly say that without Mr. Elwin’s input we would not be in business today.

“Our importing business was suffering and we were losing money, we asked Mr. Elwin to analyze our business to help us determine what we need to do and how best to implement the changes.

“He acquired a deep understanding of our business, our culture and our methods. He was also instrumental in putting forth a ‘road map’ of how to accomplish our goals and hone our services/products to tailor them so they are better received in the market place. He also got us back to our original mission statement. This was key to stopping the money drain.

“Through his observations and his ability to quantify manageable and obtainable goals, we are now in a position to expand, and with Mr. Elwin’s help, we also have a very good crew to help us through this period of growth and transition.

“Mr. Elwin has shown a flexibility and an overall understanding of business that has been dramatic in its effect on our bottom line, future plans and earning goals.”

Find out more about Dan Sorger on LinkedIn and Dutch Bicycle Company and City Bikes

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