Fast Start, conversation, coffee

Fast Start — Between Work and Well-Being

Fast Start, conversation, coffee

Fast start conversation: We are happy with when life is well lived. With the amount of life spent at work, the sense of satisfaction and the feeling of well-being takes an important percentage of the quality of life.

In A Missing Link Between Work and Well-Being, Daniel Goleman looks at views of well-being from Dr. Carol Ryff and asks how each of us fare on dimensions outlined by Ryff:

  1. Self-acceptance
  2. Positive Relations with Others
  3. Autonomy
  4. Environmental Mastery
  5. Purpose in Life
  6. Personal Growth

Further, Dr. Goleman, connects the above dimensions to a Korn Ferry interview of senior executives that found 100% agree purpose drives resilience with these four things in common:

  1. The CEO and others lead from values and purpose to make decisions. In terms of Ryff’s model of well-being, this resonates with “purpose in life.”
  2. People are the top priority; an example of Ryff’s “positive relations with others.’ These executives invest in people to drive growth.
  3. Culture is reflective of human communities, as people bring their whole selves to work. That seems close to “self-acceptance.”
  4. Enabling practices exist in all parts of the organization, revealing a pervasive commitment to purpose, and echoing the point Ryff makes about “environmental mastery.”

What can a company do to tie people’s well-being to a purpose-oriented culture?

How can purpose, well-being, and resilience lead your team?

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