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Fast Start — Bias Gets a Bad Rap

Fast Start, conversation, coffeeFast Start conversation: Bias, an outlook or tendency to prejudge something, is usually attacked in organizations who aim to create an inclusive, equal-opportunity environment.

Sounds noble.

Not likely to happen though, as even the most open-minded person is subject to bias. There is a reason we have bias:  it helped our survival.

In this Diversity Executive article, Bias Gets a Bad Rap, Mike Prokopeak [link no longer valid, sadly] looks at being mindful of bias and managing bias as the more likely alternative to rooting it out. Why? Because bias is neither good nor bad:

  • Bias is about me.
  • Bias is about them.
  • Bias is about us.
  • Seems this is a function of being human.

So, how do we reinforce our differences and work better with each other?

How do we get to the point where our organizations make it comfortable that when we try to understand the other person it doesn’t mean we have to like their point of view or agree with it either?

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