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Fast Start — Corner Office Analytics

Deloitte, corner office analytics, info graphic, Toby ElwinFast Start conversation:  Business analytics has landed in the C-suite.

Rule #1 in communication demands you know your audience.   Since there is more than one corner office rule #2 states all analytics are not equal.  CFO analytics may not rate the same for CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) as the CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer), but a link exists.

Corner Office Analytics (Infographic), presented by Deloitte, offers a guide to questions each CXO needs to answer.  If your CXO needs answers you can expect they value those who provide accurate context for connection across the C-suite.

Below, the CIO, for example.  Lots on their mind, other than the joke that CIO stands for Career Is Over.  Take a look at the CIO buyer profile for insight into the great resource Deloitte provides.

Deloitte, corner office analytics, Toby Elwin, info graphic

Now, can you take a leap from noise to interpretation or decision?

Can you translate information needs from the where, when, and how to why and what to meet CXO demands?

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