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Fast Start β€” Failure Demand

Fast Start, blog, Toby Elwin, image: Fast start conversation: Demand for time comes from every angle. Critical evaluation looks at Failure Demand as a resource expectation.

At work we have demand for productivity. However is this productivity to create value or is it our productivity in demand to fix, rework, or mitigate failure.

Productivity is value that we add.

In Failure Demand, a post from Lean Consulting, the premise: Failure Demand is the delivery or production of products and services downstream, as a result of defects in the system upstream.

Failure upstream can cause further work downstream. I say can as some poor work may fall into unknown risk or worse the hope that a problem never comes up.

Time is the one element people and organizations never get back. Money, sure, you can make more money, but time, no, that is finite.

Take a look at the work you that you do, that you get asked to do, or there is demand that you do, what is the ratio of value demand for your time to create against failure demand to fix a prior promise more important than any process.

Rework is waste.

Customer disappointment is risk.

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