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Fast Start — How Not to Grow, a CFO’s not-to-do list

Fast Start, conversation, coffee Fast Start conversation:  A saying:  if you want to stay the same, you have to change everything.

To stay on top, you have to plan to change, you have to react, you have to predict.  4 common missteps from CFO Magazine’s How Not to Grow:

  1. Problem:  Going after the wrong market
  2. Problem:  Scaling good ideas too fast
  3. Problem:  Waiting too long to invest in the future
  4. Problem:  Hiring superstars who don’t fit the company culture

Fortunately, the 4 offered above include a solution set for each and it revolves around a strategy of what not to do.

What is on your strategic not-to-do list?

Don’t confuse a strategic not-to-do list with an I-am-afraid-to-do list.

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