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Fast Start — Is HR the New IT?

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Fast Start conversation:  Policies, procedures, forms, transactions, compliance and administrative oversight.  Sound like your human resources (HR) department?

Many of those items may never go away, but tech-savvy HR departments can provide new capability to the way services offered, delivered, filled, managed, and referenced.  Information technology (IT) can reengineer the ability to do more, better.

Today, any consideration that you are an HR professional demands a level of technology consideration and comfort in analytically-driven skills, to such an extent that Talent Management magazine’s Ladan Nikravan wonders Is HR the New IT?

From recruiting through managing engagement, mobile applications and online forms offer access and management beyond site-localized paper and pen.

How tech-savvy is your human resources department?

How tech-savvy is your human resources strategy?

How tech-savvy is your human resources leadership?

How tech-savvy is your human resources team?

What potential recruits are you missing?

For talent management effectiveness, to recruit, train, retain, and reach top talent, times demand a shift.

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