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Fast Start — Is your project doomed?

Fast Start conversationFast Start conversation:   Most projects fail. Well, greater than 50% do.

So, If the majority fail, why do they fail?

  1. They are impossible, from the start.
  2. They have too many constraints.
  3. They are not competently managed.

So, what do you think about your project now?

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      I might go further upstream for causes. Bad attitude and negative thoughts are more a symptom of poor project sponsor and project management.

      People who have gone through a series of poorly-planned, mid-course change, and rarely-delivered projects may have a pretty good reason for an attitude similar to ‘not this again’.

      So, Dipa, is it the attitude that causes the project to fail or the sponsor of the project through poor planning?

      For me, it all starts with scope as so important I continue to write about scope and risk. If you can not get the correct scope it is highly unlikely to gather a team to deliver a project.

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