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Fast Start — Smart failure for a fast-changing world

Fast Start conversation: The pace of change overtakes the pace of learning.

In a short list of continually inspiring sites TED, stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, devotes themselves to ideas worth spreading. In this, I want to spread an inspiring talk and introduce you to someone I, before TED, was not aware of: Eddie Obeng.

Mr. Obeng’s 12-minute presentation talks us through the world we learned that has transformed into a 21st century world of rules we have not yet grasped. Or, as he puts it other ways:

“We spend our time responding rationally to a world which we understand and recognize, but which no longer exists.”

“If you haven’t understood the world your living in, it’s almost impossible to be absolutely certain on what you are going to deliver fits” — Eddie Obeng

Today, Mr. Obeng rightfully points out, our reality:  “[t]he pace of change overtakes the pace of learning.”

I’ll pinch a couple Fast Start questions direct from Mr. Obeng:

“Design must get big, design thinking must tackle big systems for the challenges we have, but why was [design] ever small?”

“If collaboration and cross-functional collaboration is so cool why did we build these huge hierarchies?”

How do we change our world to reward those who fail fast?

Isn’t fail fast, smart failure?

Fast Start Sources:

Eddie Obeng on Twitter and Eddie Obeng and his site.

For another inspiring TED talk I’ve referenced see Planning the art of possibility.

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