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Fast Start ‚ÄĒ Social Media Landscape 2015

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Fast Start conversation: Annually, since 2010, Chief Marketing Officer creates a CMO guide to the social media landscape.

The 2010 guide presented a social landscape evaluation with a red, yellow, green, key of good, OK, or bad investment across 4 topics:

  1. Customer Communication,
  2. Brand Exposure,
  3. Traffic to Your Site, and
  4. SEO

While the guide helped initial social landscape, people, as you know, tend to reveal themselves as fickle folk, since 2010:

  1. digg is no longer dug,
  2. del.icio.us has little flavor,
  3. flickr faded, and
  4. tumblr tumbled

A glance to the image on the right reveals a change from the 2014 Social Landscape design.  The 2015 presentation of data reveals some modification beyond red, yellow, green.  The 3 x 3 matrix starts with columns for:

  • Top-of-Funnel Awareness,
  • Social Selling, and
  • Social Customer Care

The rows cross-reference:

  • State of Social Media,
  • Rising Trends, and
  • Key Strategies

A second page provides a social mix thumbail and Asia Pacific platforms.

This year CMO partnered with Aberdeen Group to create the chart and links to their research.

New social sites have since arrived, did your organization invest in Pinterest? Google+? Qzone? Plurk? Oh come on, at least find someone on you know active on KakaoTalk?

Read what CMO.com says about 2014 and compare to 2015.  Does your 2015 spend change?

What do you like about the new format?

Last one to VK is a rotten egg.

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