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Fast Start — The brilliant mistake of health and wellness

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Brilliant Mistake, Fast Start, Carol Harnett, Human Resource ExecutiveFast Start conversation:  Some believe employee health and wellness programs save employer-related costs. A few, after review of real health data, discovered a brilliant mistake about the impact of wellness.

A healthy employee is a productive employee and health and wellness programs roll out across corporate America to capture this. Human Resource expert Carol Harnett was a corporate wellness advocate, but went to look to peel back financials.  In her Human Resource Executive article, A Brilliant Mistake, Ms. Harnett outlines data that reveal flaws with wellness objectives.

If a leading voice as brilliant as Ms. Harnett is in the health and benefits world lets data reverse opinion then the business table may yet have room for other HR executives comfortable with data.

What is the variable that effects short- and long-term disability?

If a productive employee is a healthy employee what makes an employee really healthy?

Is your executive willing to air a recent brilliant mistake they made within company rank, let alone as publicly as Ms. Harnett did?

I have a lot of respect for her.

Further great ways to Carol Harnett and her thoughts:

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