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Fast Start — What publishing learned from music piracy

toby elwin, kristina benson, music piracy, digital, strategy, technology, ebooks, publishiingFast Start conversation:  A 3-year decline in sales from $14.5 billion to $2 billion found the music industry band together to assault technology.

The coordinated move drives the consumer to a coordinated solution:  the black market and music piracy.

The publishing industry tries something different as this Wall Street Journal article What To Do When Attacked by Pirates.

The music industry and the publishing industry stand in contrast.  The death of the music industry continues to reveal a decades-long crime scene that is another story and earlier blog.

Are you there for your early adopters or does your company strategy look at digital as the devil, as the music industry feels?

In contrast, is technology an enabler in your strategy in the way the publishing industry chose and you build plans to delight consumers?
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  1. Very nice post, there has been a major decline in sales i’ve noticed through the years, that is a great topic i’ve read many articles about the piracy in the music industry and also work with artists that have turned to selling merchandise at concerts shirts,hats..etc because they realize that sales aren’t what they use to be now with digital, so have to improvise. thanks for the post!
    Dj Deuce 5

    1. Post

      Absolutely, the only constant is constant change. Covering your eyes, ears, and mouth will do nothing to halt the advance of change.

      Once we discover what is possible we can leave hope behind as a strategy.

      So, what was the first change you made?

      What was the most successful change you are glad you made?

      Thank you for the comment.

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