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Fast Start — What, Really, is Change Management?

change management, fast start, blog, Toby ElwinFast Start conversation: What, Really, is Change Management?

Change swirls around organizations:  regulation, industry, competition, policy, knowledge, technology ability, and skills.  And those hit us before the first cup of coffee.

There’s a professional approach to manage change, but what, really is change management?

And who, specifically, defines, designs, and launches change management for whom?

Brad Hall writes in TheStreet, a media company that provides financial news, commentary, analysis, ratings, and business and investment content, change management has three requirements:

  1. Each individual knows precisely what is expected of him/her;
  2. HR systems aligned to the new expectations; and
  3. The role of the manager is very clear

If your change management does not include those three requirements, than you are arguing against Mr. Hall and his industrial-organizational psychology Ph. D. and that’s like arguing against your Chief Human Resource Officer.

I completely agree with the three above, as key.  Now the challenge:  that every action and inter-action around change management meet the three requirements.

e-mail? not alone it won’t.

Training? not alone it won’t.

Leadership modeling behavior? not alone it won’t.

But, first things first, this article provides the framework and quality criteria for change planning.

Now the bigger challenge:  how to get people to admit they’ve no idea what, really, change management is.

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