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Fistful of beans 01/05/2011

Five things I’ve seen, read, or thought might seed results:

1. Waiting, Wondering, Worrying — CFO Magazine

What if 10% unemployment is the new normal? A view from your friendly C-suite, corner office about employment, human capital, and competition. Also some views on if layoffs and downsizing really benefit shareholders or benefit Wall Street analysts. What keeps a CFO up at night might surprise you.

2. Hiring Talent With Nontraditional Backgrounds — Talent Management Magazine

The multiple perspectives of why a company would value someone with a different educational background or different industry background and some of the real competency indicators on if someone should succeed within your company. A good primer to push back on those hiring managers that currently write job requisitions. Here’s an opportunity for anyone in HR to be a strategic business partner. It’s about the values…

3. Next-Generation CIO:  The Change Catalyst — Consulting Magazine

The ability to estimate the impact of new technology applications on revenue, market share, and shareholder value is essential. If there is a direct link between Information Technology (IT) and shareholder value is there a new approach to managing IT? A CIO is in better position to shape themselves as a change catalyst with a deeper commitment to:

  • Business understanding,
  • Technological developments
  • Technology dependency, and
  • C-level credibility.

4. How to Develop Millennial Job Hoppers — Talent Management Magazine

In 2006, the Pew Research Center discovered only 50% of 18- to 29-year-olds were employed full time and in 2010 that percentage dropped to 41%.  How you might develop a recruitment and retention strategy refresh to leverage Generation Y’s incredible talent.  This might provide a bit of a reality check on employment contract theory.

5. Big Media Tells Big Media That Hulu Is Hurting Big Media — All Things Digital, Media Memo

TV people worry that free streaming on the Web is hurting their business.  However, some big media company won the rerun rights for ABC’s hit Modern Family at $1.4 million an episode.  The winning bidder seemed to overlook the “industry” belief that free Internet streaming has made the potential Modern Family revenue future bleak.  Who’s hurting?

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