Fistful of beans 01/26/2011

Five things I’ve seen, read, or thought might seed results:

1. Capabilities-Driven Mergers & Acquisitions — Booz & Company (now Strategy&)

A video conversation on the role that capabilities can have to drive successful, strategic mergers. This 18-minute, question and answer, interview-style video is broken down in 5 chapters:  The New Meaning of Scale; The Path to Coherence; Capabilities Roadmapping; Integrating Capabilities; and Advantaged Capabilities

2. Creating an Engagement Culture — Chief Learning Officer Magazine

Engagement is a choice only employees can make and the difference between an engaged employee to a disengaged employee impacts your organization’s ability to reliably and effectively deliver goods and services.

More often than not employees do what is expected of them, unfortunately, in absence of clear and consistent communication, standards for those behavioral expectations are little more than hope.

3. Making Cost Reductions Stick — Chief Learning Officer Magazine

On the heels of Creating an Engagement Culture there needs to be a reality check that many employees work in a constant barrage of a cheaper, faster, better operating environment. The reality is within 18 to 24 months initial cost-cutting efforts fail.

Between these 2 articles you have better insight into managing sustainable, cost-cutting efforts while building for an engaged workforce; contrary to the alternative:  driving organization paralysis.

4. I Love Rewards, But I Love Public, Viral Recognition More — HR Capitalist

What makes someone naturally cynical of big rewards programs?

What is usually missing from rewards formulas?

A view of rewards programs that get it wrong and a recommendation of a rewards vendor’s 5 ingredients in their secret sauce that offer a distinct alternative your entire company can benefit from.

5. Glock:  America’s Gun — Bloomberg Businessweek

This article is not presented to open a gun-control debate, but as a business case of a most unlikely engineer running a radiator plant and window fittings business who turned out to be one of the industry’s biggest innovators. You expect to be on target by listening closely to market need, but ignoring market culture is rarely recommended.

A fascinating read of a radical product and the surprise oversea, American market built on the rapid reaction to unintended twists regulators and lobbyists had to spur sales and market share.

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