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Fistful of beans 02/23/2011

Four things I’ve seen, read, or thought might seed result

1. Talent Management vs Talent Analytics: The Difference is More than Just Semantics — Talent Analytics blog

In the 1990s talent management emerged as a management practice to shift responsibility of employees an exclusive role for human resource departments to managers throughout the organization.

The past 20 years has seen a proliferation of new talent management software to include attrition information, training and development initiatives, competency tracking skills, resume tracking, skills, the list goes on.

What went wrong?

Enter talent analytics, the evolution of talent technology finally tying business strategy to talent. Instead of measuring contextual data around the talent talent analytics goes to the source – measuring the talent directly.

2. Why You Want Your Organization on This List — The DNA of Human Capital blog

A thoughtful take on why it is important to land on Fortune magazine’s “Best Companies to Work for in America”. The nature of human capital capabilities on firm performance and stock price is difficult to quantify as a tangible impact on stock price.

Are the reasons human capital has historically not been considered still excusable?  Is there a correlation between employee satisfaction and stock price?

There is certainly risk assigned to human capital, so there must be a way to assign quantitative human capital risk for stakeholder consideration.

3. Capabilities-Driven Strategy in M&A — Booz & Company (now Strategy&) podcast
There seems to be a popular concept of mergers driven by the idea of becoming too big to fail. 2 Booz & Company partners discuss M&A from a capabilities-driven strategy.

4. Online herd instinct:  Virtual lemmings — The Economist

We appear to be wired to find fads, no matter their value, psychologically irresistible. Why? Humans appreciate company. Humans also appreciate company who appreciate us. A way to preserve mutual appreciation is to emulate others and this gives rise to trends or caustically:  the herd mentality. A nexus with Facebook, lemmings, and acting contrary to our self-interest may spell a true decline of the advertiser’s golden age.

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