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Fistful of beans 03/16/2011

Four things I’ve seen, read, or thought might seed results:

1. Screening for Resiliency Adaptability and Resilience — [link no longer valid, sadly] Talent Management Magazine

Change is constant, whether we, as individuals, our team, or our organization like this reality, change demands resilience from people, teams, and organization.

Change also causes constant challenges to some more than others. Those who adapt thrive, those who can not jeopardize everyone around them and your organization’s capability to remain relevant.

In this climate of constant change is an adaptable employee now more important to assess than a technical or functional capability? This article takes a look at how organizations in the public- and private sector go about assessing for adaptability and resilience.

2. The bad mother complex — The Boston Globe Ideas Section

Quality of life means different things to different people. The balance of personal life to professional life is even more deeply impacted when families begin to have children.

The professional who remains in the work force after having children balances a constant sense of guilt between the maternal instinct and the professional ladder that has both been scaled and that continues to entice.

This Boston Globe correspondent looks at a recent study of 1,800 American workers, both men and women, and her own experiences to draw insight into the study’s findings of increased feelings of guilt. One key insight:  guilt was only felt among women.

3. Finance Staffs Getting More Engaged — CFO Magazine

Some interesting results from a recent 100,000-person survey by the Corporate Leadership Council:

  • Finance now has higher intent-to-stay scores than most functional areas do, however the improvement in discretionary effort still leaves finance employees far behind those in human resources, information technology, manufacturing, and operations/procurement/supply chain;
  • U.S. finance and accounting staffers that intend to stay with their current employer spiked in the second half of 2010, as did the number of those willing to go above and beyond the call of duty;
  • the highest level of engagement is in the professional-services segment; and
  • the lowest is in technology and telecommunications, with technology chronically at the bottom of the list

From an organization behavior perspective it seems finance/accounting areas are rarely aligned to organization engagement. Your thoughts if you were in charge of corporate culture?a

4. In Mentees’ Own Words — Diversity Executive Magazine

Cultures, technical fields, and personalities all conspire to affect communication styles. What might come across as rude to one, might be a preferred communication to another.

As we know from Emotional Intelligence, your communication is successful when it garners the results you intended and in our work world communication and performance are vibrantly cross-linked. This article provides a great view of mentoring from the mentees’ words.

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