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Fistful of beans 03/23/2011

Four things I’ve seen, read, or thought might seed results:

1. Talent Does Not Live by Technology Alone — WriteforHR

Globalized competition and the current economic climate should have revealed the realization of the right talent, in the right location, at the right cost as one of the biggest competitive advantages to organization performance.

A talent management software solution is not enough to solve or even address complex business challenges let alone the challenges talent leaders face within their organization. While an organization should expect software and technology does as intended, no software tool can bring together planning, organization readiness, process alignment, executive sponsorship, or organization commitment.

Here are 3 keys to reinventing talent management’s interplay between consulting expertise and getting the best from your software solution.

2. USA Inc., Red, White, and Very Blue, a letter to USA Inc. Shareholders — Business Insider

What would the annual report for United States look like?

How would an investor relation team position the United States as a corporation?

Mary Meeker and Liang Wu of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers provide a summary of America’s financial statements.

3. 10 Tips for Making Employees Love Their Office — Inc. Magazine

Come on, we spend more time at work than at home or around our loved ones, doesn’t it make sense to create a workspace that people find both comfortable and stimulating? A little motivation goes a long way towards your organization’s bottom line.

Beyond the ping-pong or foosball table perceptions, here are 10 tips for turning an office with the appeal of a Viking ship into a place your employees love.

And if you think your office is a place your employees really do love, enter The World’s Coolest Office competition.

4. The tyranny of choice — The Economist

Economist toby elwin telwin tobyelwin

A greater degree of options or choices would seem to offer a consumer a greater range of satisfaction.

Tropicana, a part of PepsiCo, has freshly pulped juice in more than 20 different varieties, up from just 6 in 2004 and says there could be as many as 30 in the next decade.

Over the past decade behavioral scientists have come up with some intriguing insights and the downsides of choice may cause us to reassess our views.

For example, as options multiply, there may be a point that the effort required to obtain enough information to distinguish sensibly between alternatives outweighs the benefit to the consumer of the extra choice.

Share your thoughts on these thoughts…Choice has come to some of life’s biggest personal decisions as well, presented are some of the insights and limits choices make.

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