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Gary Best, Principal, PerformanceBest

“I had the privilege of working with Toby as his supervisor for two years [at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey]. I experienced Toby as a highly creative problem solver and an astute student of life in organizations.

“Toby approaches his work using several conceptual frameworks that he seamlessly integrates into a powerful lens for problem understanding and solution generation.

“One framework that Toby brings to bear is design thinking wherein he works to understand a situation from a variety of perspectives, so that the solutions he generates seek to truly match people’s needs with what is technically and operationally feasible, creating clear value for the users.

“A second framework Toby utilizes is appreciative inquiry. In using this framework, Toby seeks to bring people together to identify and explore the best of what is so that it can be used as a spring board to a solution that builds out of what’s working in the organization.

“And, lastly, Toby is highly skilled at creating very collaborative work spaces, solution labs if you would that he structures around sound adult learning practices. This results in not only effective problem understanding and effective solution generation, but in participants leaving the solution labs with the tools and practical experience to confidently use both again when problem understanding and solution generation are needed.

“I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to work with Toby.”

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