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Heretic’s Guide to Best Practices by the book

Heretic's Guide, Best Practices, Paul Culmsee, Kailash Awati, blog, Toby Elwin

A look at what other’s have done to achieve success certainly offers a chance to avoid the aches and scrapes when heading into the unchartered wild of learning.  Surely there is a needed guide to best practices. In business, learning the hard way may come at the cost of professional or organization survival.  It is a jungle out there.

Instead of winding your way through the bush to create a new trail, take a shortcut others have used, save time, as logic goes.  Time is money.

In business a shortcut to a new option is a best practice.  Anyone in an organization today has heard about another’s best practice.  Usually best practice comes up to frame a challenge – a big challenge:

  • “I read about this organization that also wanted to … “
  • “This happened at a Fortune 10 company and they did … “
  • “Where I worked before we used something that may work here … “
  • “This is a best practice used at all major organizations, we should … “
  • “Did you see that new book by [insert management guru du jour] that studied 50 companies over 7,392 years … “

Well, a sane argument says, if it worked there, we can make it work here.

A Guide to Best Practices

The challenge remains what happened there was structure, environment, culture, time, and a host of uncontrollable and non-repeatable system factors.  The best practice there, is not a repeatable practice here.  Elements, sure, may work, but you can not put a Ferrari body on a Ford chassis and expect to delight.

This book comes my way from Shim Marom a blogger I follow and respect.  His review on his site properly intrigued.

A project management book, in part.

An organization design book, in part.

A process mapping book, in part.

A management theory book, in part.

But, as we know in business, the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts.

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