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Hiring the right person is more cultural than technical

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“Another good-looking recruit, yep, you fit right in”

In growth, as well as organization maturity, what becomes important is the ability to identify the key traits, values, behaviors, and norms of the culture and recruit accordingly. At interview stage behavioral questions identify how well a recruit fits or does not fit. The Competing Values Framework allows you to identify how your organization values ability and the norms of getting things done.

When we recruit people, or as an NFL team might draft talent, we really have to look at a person’s fit on at least 4 levels and critical to understand these levels you need to understand organization culture.

  1. Person to job;
  2. Person to team;
  3. Person to manager; and
  4. Person to culture

If you care about diversity, someone who does not fit your culture can indeed be a strategic hire, but for that strategy to work, there needs to be high regard to coach and cultivate cognitive diversity, not just qualitative diversity.  This means you and your organization meld diverse views and that no singular view is trumped; that is diversity.

Where Emotional Intelligence is:

  • An awareness of your own emotions;
  • An awareness of emotions in others;
  • An understanding of emotions; and
  • Ability to manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others

Values, then, compete to align and mobilize a shared view of how things are done as well as why things are done that way.

Competing Values

The Competing Values Framework identifies “how things are done around here” or better known as:  culture.  When I pair Emotional Intelligence with the Competing Values I get a view of an individual’s likely behavioral competencies, how they work and motivate others, and how the culture, individual, and team interact.

As the matrix below outlines, there are distinct competencies the lend themselves to different cultures.  Your team’s job is to craft the questions during an interview process that identify fit.

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Sources: 1) https://www.changingminds.org Diagnosing and 2) Changing Organizational Culture by Kim S. Cameron, Robert E. Quinn

Neither EI nor Competing Values should act as a final assessment of fit.  They are part of the final piece.

The danger of using it as assessment of fit is clear because people are smart enough to game the results.

Both Emotional Intelligence and the Competing Values Framework can provide part of the total fit picture. The sooner you understand the culture the sooner you can move beyond technical excellence and into collaborative or emotional intelligence.

Increased risk deeply affects cultures, so don’t just look for people to fit in 100% of the time, because the cognitive diversity may be a strength.  To assess your team’s ability to recruit and interview ask yourself these top-level questions:

  • Does your organization have a consistent, organization-wide recruiting strategy?
  • Does your organization provide interview training skills for your interviewers?
  • What is your on-boarding strategy to integrate new employees?

I believe you can find some recruiting or interview questions to ask around each of the cultures listed above.  Obviously, the first step is to identify your culture and that can be done with a culture survey – guess what, if you get in touch with me and I can administer and diagnose your culture.

In the prior post, Hiring the right person is more emotional than rational I mentioned I would give sample questions to tease out emotional and cultural fit, I’ll provide questions in a follow-up post titled:  “Hiring questions for emotional and cultural fit”.

Don’t let your recruiting strategy turn into a crap shoot, most organization experts believe it takes 1 year for a recruit to integrate and to get up to speed enough to begin to earn their salary … caveat emptor.

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