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In a flash — the project management #pmFlashBlog

#PMFlashblog, project management, Toby Elwin, Shim MaromIf project management is in your blood, September 25th may provide a flash transfusion.  On September 25th a gang of, at current count, 70 project managers from around the world will release their reflection on one topic:   What does project management mean to me – a Project Manager’s sermon.

A flash mob seemingly comes together, out of no where, to perform a concerted effort and then disband into the ether — strangely akin to project teams just before the project close process.

This mob assembles under the banner of a Project Management Flash Blog or #pmFlashBlog.

Like any coordinated effort, a lot of planning took place to pull this off.  The beacon of this effort is a blogger I consistently read and recommend over some time:  Shim Marom.

Kudos to Shim.

This blogger is very pleased that Shim reached out and asked to take part in this flash blog.  I set my post release to join my colleagues from North, South, East, and West.

If you want to meet some of the others involved and see current chatter around the effort type #pmFlashblog in search features of Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or your search engine of choice.

Look for the mob September 25th 0100 GMT, Tuesday, September 24th, 21:00 for most in North America, and dash around the world with project management.

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