In review: Leaders and fishing

May 2009 in review.  A roundup of blogs from the previous month:

Leaders and fishing — Leaders craft the vision and convey how to embark on a course from what is to what could be.  Leaders must rely on their managers to manage, but leaders need to roll their sleeves up and steward the message far into and across the organization themselves.

Culture war — The people who don’t fit your culture are the people who keep your business and your team sharp, they aim beyond the horizon, challenge the status quo, drive new conversation, and stimulate cognitive diversity.  Recruiting for culture fit may be an organization risk.

What can a 5 year old teach you about leadership? — People are insightful and quickly see through words not followed with action. Organizations who hang core value posters without backing up all aspects of those values risk an organization that tunes out and turns off.

Leading and managing — The difference in skills between leaders and managers makes for very different competencies and very different skills.  Managing resources competes with the ability to communicate a vision.

Buy-in — Trying to sell people on change may be exactly why organization change rarely succeeds.  Perhaps replacing the view of “buy-in” will help those leaders and participants frame change and the impact change has on all stakeholders.

How goals help us fail — Organization goals might actually be taking the place of independent thinking and personal initiative.  Blind obedience to goals may result in missed opportunities to reevaluate strategic goals that may no longer be relevant in a constant climate of change.

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