In review: Mergers and acquisitions systems thinking strategies, part 1

October 2010 in review.  A roundup of blogs from the previous month:

Mergers and acquisitions systems thinking strategies, part 1

Leadership, management, and talent create and sustain organization success.  The total environment of an organization is a major determinant of corporate choice and corporate success.

A key to change is circular reasoning

Supporting the premise for innovation with a premise rather than a conclusion only supports circular reasoning.  Without an effort to break ineffective change management efforts, the tail continues to way the dog while the dog chases its own tail.

Our big letdown with leaders

The big letdown with leaders may have more to do with us then with leaders themselves. Regret and disappointment plays into our expectations for leadership in others.

Hiring the right person is more cultural then technical

Technical skill has less to do with employee job success than how an employee fits into the team, gets along with their boss, and aligns to organization culture.

Your star performer creates employee resentment

Within your organization those employees who extend themselves to help others may do more to alienate others than to actually help.  Creating team accomplishment relies on team harmony, perhaps over star performance.

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