In review: Motivation management is resource management

January 2011 in review. A roundup of blogs from the previous month:

Motivation management is resource management

Leaders, managers, and coworkers are all under intense pressure to manage their motivation to, firstly, show up at work and, secondly, deliver to their expectations and, yes, and to their organization’s expectations. Juggling our own professional motivation as well as the motivation of others to work with and for you remains a hourly and daily challenge.

The bottom line to your organization really is managing motivation as a finite resource.  And to look at motivation as a resource that is easily expendable, easily stored, easily dissipated, and easily wasted.

Fistful of beans 01/05/2011

A fistful of thoughts from a CFO managing 10% unemployment, hiring people with nontraditional backgrounds, the CIO as a change catalyst, developing job hoppers, and big media hypocrisy.

Technical ability does little to mitigate risk

Recruiting evaluations that focus on someone’s industry experience, work history, and academic education show little positive correlation to someone’s success within a firm or of the impact that a collection of technical wizards towards a firm’s future success.

There are measurable human capital, competency-based assessments that quantify how people manage themselves and others and how teams collaborate. Getting a quantifiable handle on competencies that people use to manage themselves and teams are critical human capital performance indicators.

Fistful of beans 01/19/2011

A fistful of thoughts from the tussle to integrate talent to broader strategic goals, the 15 most hated companies in America, how to tell who’s leaving after an acquisition, confidence, and HP’s CEO strategic reprogram.

The value of information and the link to development

Enterprise knowledge management is a critical strategic need and how you collect and share information maximizes your organization resources. However, the value of knowledge comes only when knowledge is aligned to strategic and tactical need. A look at the disconnect between knowledge and development.

Fistful of beans 01/26/2011

A fistful of thoughts from capabilities-driven mergers & acquisitions, an organization culture of engagement, cost reduction resiliency, viral marketing rewards programs, and the strategy behind turning a windows fittings business into an international hand gun manufacturer.

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