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Larry Coates, Programmer & Analyst Leader, Department of Transportation

“I am a Co-Chair of the Cambridge Round Table group, a part of the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Mass Bay Chapter. We have utilized Toby as a speaker for our meetings in the past and he is scheduled for future meetings as well.

“Over the past year I have had the privilege of getting to know Toby both through PMI as well as individually. Toby has provided great results as a speaker for our meetings. He has demonstrated his professionalism throughout the development and delivery of his presentations. Toby has a very rich and comprehensive domain knowledge and experience base upon which to draw.

“Toby has been requested as a speaker for our monthly group a number of times because his insights, knowledge, and tools used for organization change and portfolio management continue to provide solutions to the Project Management Professional’s who attend our meetings.

“It is important to point out that Toby’s presentations are not just about imparting ‘head knowledge’, but rather how he provides the members of our group with a wide range of concrete examples, and practical ways to implement change into both processes and an organization. Toby has demonstrated professionalism by always having his presentation preparation milestones completed on or ahead of schedule.

“Toby has clearly demonstrated his ability to manage change, based upon his experience gained world -wide in helping organizations manage the needed changes within their organizations. You may laugh, but during his work at the FBI, Toby’s impact at the FBI earned him the title of ‘SCA’ or Special Change Agent.

“I have been very favorably impressed with Toby’s high level of integrity. Toby has always delivered what he said he would, when he said he would and always with the highest standard of professionalism. He has earned my respect and trust. I know that if I am dealing with Toby, I don’t have to worry about his commitment. It will happen as planned and all will be enriched because of his efforts and contributions.

“In addition to our round table meetings, Toby and I have also shared breakfast or lunch a number of times where we have exchanged career experiences, goals, and inspirations with each other. I have been extremely impressed with Toby’s rich background and his experience.

“Very few people that I have encountered have demonstrated such maturity, wisdom, and breadth of domain knowledge in so many areas, as Toby. Toby is a very solid and caring individual, in a way that is never boastful or arrogant. I can certainly see Toby in virtually any position for an organization in need of ‘top notch’ leadership and organizational, executive skill.

“Not only would I highly recommend Toby, I would gladly work for Toby ‘in a heart-beat’.  Should you be considering Toby for creating a positive change in your organization, I would urge you to take advantage of the skills and capabilities that Toby can bring to your organization!”

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