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Podcasts for modern design

podcast, agile, user experience, Donald FagenThe bright side of a one- to two-hour commute: I now bundle a set of podcasts on modern design to my commute and learn an incredible amount to and from work.

Until recently my digital community of interest did not include podcasts. Perhaps my hesitance was the preferred immediacy of reading, clicking, and browsing that has delayed my entry into the podcast community, but reality podcasts are very distant from blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other community of interest engagement to share, learn, collaborate.

That has changed with new commuting, habits: see drive time.

Design in Context

Design is key to organization, marketing, product, and projects. The past year or so, some might assume this blog has migrated to Agile and away from other objectives. Not so, intrepid reader:

  • Agile is a management technique more than a simple project method and
  • Scrum is a dynamic way teams collaborate

This is a design-centered blog and design is in all I look at.

Design Management

Design thinking emphasizes the importance of discovery before the solution generation mechanism many people default to before understanding where they are. Design thinking works with research approaches and seeks user-driven emphasis as well as empathy for persona. Design thinking:

  • Expands the boundaries of both our problem definitions and our solutions;
  • Engages partners, enthusiastically, co-creation; and
  • Commits to conduct real-world experiments rather than just running analyses using historical data
    source: Solving Problems with Design Thinking

Key to organizations interested in innovation is that they achieve organic growth, as opposed to mergers and acquisitions-based effort.

Pods for Mods

Here are some of the podcasts that constantly bring a new set of possibilities:

I am happy to hear about podcasts and blogs that present insight and community learning.

Source: Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works by Jeanne Liedtka, Andrew King, and Kevin Bennett

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