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Social Media Fight, Flight, or Friend

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▸ Audience This presentation is called the Shifting Role of Organization Development for professionals interested to learn new perspectives in leadership, …

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Agile Management Change

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▸ Audience Enterprise transformation leads and all organization leadership through operational change. Subscribe to Blog

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Project Personas

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▸ Audience Enterprise Project Management Offices and organization transformation stakeholders who want to engage their audience using techniques from social media …

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Emotional Intelligence

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▸ Audience Medical Director team management transition to business executive roles to support a new operating model rollout at a major …

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Social Media Training

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▸ Audience Massachusetts Bay Organization Development Learning Group [now Boston Facilitator’s Roundtable] ▸ Training Objective Introduce social media Provide planning tools …

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Agile Social Media

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▸ Audience Project Management Institute, New York City chapter. Training Objective Introduce social media ‘Just in Time’ Identify customer value Use Agile methods …

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Inbound Marketing

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▸ Objective Introduce HubSpot content optimization system Develop target persona Share learning Understand content creation Introduce marketing analytics New service line design workshop Breakout …