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Projects, Personas, and Stakeholders – the slides

project stakeholders, personas, presentation, slides, death star, project, stakeholders, personas

Personas on the light side, but stakeholders on the dark side

Projects have stakeholders, that much is clear, these pesky project stakeholders influence the project in both positive and negative ways.

As a project moves towards completion, such as the Death Star, that all-universe symbol of … well, that is an interesting point. There are a lot of stakeholders across the Death Star with very different views of the same project, stakeholders:

  • The Empire,
  • The Rebels, and
  • The contractors … [did you think of them?]
project stakeholders, death star, contractors, stakeholders, personas

Local union contractors rejoice over winning bid

Every view into a project is filtered through one lens: WIIFM? (What’s In It For Me?). When I look deeper into stakeholders with a persona lens I gain empathy for the persona motivation through the project and post-project on to the end-user need.

This week I had a fortunate invitation to the  Project Management Institute MassBay roundtable to discuss Projects, Personas, and Stakeholders. Here is the deck and resources shared during the discussion.

Review Slides

Projects, Personas, and Stakeholders
Projects, Personas, and Stakeholders
Projects, Personas, and Stakeholders
Projects, Personas, and Stakeholders

Download Slides

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Persona Worksheet

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Also, please see Heretic’s Guide to Best Practices for a great Star Wars reference to project management.

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