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Recap: Communication in the age of saturation

A recap on my series of blogs around communication in the age of saturation.

Preamble:  Marketing 2.0 – You better free your mind instead

The printing press brought us Marketing 1.0.  Marketing 1.0, however, did not bring information to all equally.  Information really relied on distribution and distribution relied on money.

Marketing 1.0 was owned by those with the money buying channels to blast our their information.  We built walls and the marketer sought new interruptions.

1. Communication in the age of saturation, part 1

Effective communication requires you know your audience more than ever to avoid the barriers and filters they’ve erected to block out noise.  To know your audience means you know the barriers, channels, and filters in place to block out mass marketing.

2. Communication in the age of saturation, part 2

Buy-in is a dead concept.  Your communication strategy should be based on what customers want, not what you think they need.  Moving from interruption to engagement provides a view as valued marketing communications.

Stop telling and start engaging.

3. Communication in the age of saturation, part 3 visual

Conversation Prism provides a strategic tool to maximize your effort to cut through the clutter.

Note:  the importance of feedback throughout the Communication Prism.  Without feedback you are .

Epilogue:  Marketing interruption still trumps engagement, really?

Social media does not address consumer needs or address what consumers need to know, but may not have asked for.  Brands have always managed consumer needs through their conversations, conversations delivered most strongly through broadcast TV.  Really?

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