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Recap: Community Persona Design for Organizations

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A community persona: more shades of grey, than black and white

Welcome to the collected Community Persona Design for Organizations series.

Each post is a self-contained concept that supports both the post topic and adds community persona design elements and methods.  Anyone can use methods from each post individually or in addition to methods from another post.

Every post includes templates, blog references for further reading, book references, citations, and presentations all available as either downloads or direct links to save, modify, print, read, buy, or customize.

Together the series provides new options to improve stakeholder engagement, adoption, and utility for a host of organization opportunity.

Though presented in this Organization Design (OD) blog, the Community Persona series combines principles and elements from social media marketing and software and hardware design principles that apply to effort along a variety of organization initiatives from:

  • Project management,
  • Change management, and
  • Corporate communications

My objective is to share how to develop content that describes opportunities organizations, teams, and people face and details methods to communicate organization issues around:

  1. What solves their challenge;
  2. Acknowledges what keeps them awake at night;
  3. Meeting all they need to know to understand, adopt, and advocate to others;
  4. What their success looks like;
  5. A 2-way exchange of information to manage expectations — no surprises or hidden agendas; and
  6. What needs to happen for them to accomplish their work — current state and potential state

As of [date] this represents the entire Community Persona series.  Further topics are in development and am currently editing a training design post for this series.

As always, I welcome your insight:

  1. Buyer persona for organization strategy and development —
    1. The series introduction and case for community persona organization strategy
    2. Resources include:  PowerPoint presentation, web references, reference books, hyperlinks for further reading, and a comment post from persona pioneer
  2. Community persona for organization development —
    1. Deeper connection between Organization Development/Human Resources traditional efforts and community persona solutions
    2. Resources include:  10 Steps to Personas graphic, 10 Steps to Personas outline, Persona Manifesto PowerPoint presentation, and hyperlinks for further reading
  3. 4 design tools to meet persona context —
    1. Design theory from persona hardware and software pioneer that improve a hosts of everyday communication and longer term organization project goals
    2. Resources include:  Hyperlinks for further reading, design quality assurance tools and book recommendation from acknowledged, design-pioneer Alan Cooper
  4. Community persona resource and influence timeline —
    1. A review of social science resources, from systems theory, organization development, and social media market, that pollinate my community persona design belief and practice
    2. Resources include:  Hyperlinks for further reading to both the people and books that have shaped my thoughts on community persona along the path
  5. Communication with goal-oriented design and community persona strategy —
    1. Introduction of Goal-oriented Design theory to improve the design and delivery of messages that create positive impact
    2. Resources include: Citations, hyperlinks for further reading, and reference books
  6. Community persona for SharePoint intranet design —
    1. How your change management and organization adoption can improve using an intranet portal, introduces SharePoint as an enterprise application anyone can design change and communication from, and methods for good portal design
    2. Resources include:  Screen shot samples, templates to download and customize, videos, hyperlinks for further reading, and reference books
  7. Community persona reaction for functional design —
    1. How to design for a more reliable persona reaction, avoid sensory overload from your personas, and the persona reaction steps to avoid: why and
    2. Resources include:  Hyperlinks for further reading on organization development, training, and an emotional design book I recommend
  8. Community persona for change management —
    1. Change management theory rarely meets successful practice as logic is trumped by emotion.  This post looks at initial effort to design change management as a marketing campaign using social media theories for proper engagement
    2. Resources include:  Hyperlinks for further reading around the new rules of marketing and public relations, how to use Agile methods for design, and templates to build initial persona strategies
  9. Community persona for project management —
    1. No project ever has a single stakeholder, but multiple stakeholders, with multiple goals that require multiple, engagement campaigns to meet relevant project management, stakeholder, community motivations.
    2. Resources include:  Hyperlink to stakeholder assessment
  10. Community persona for training design — pending
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