Organization Development, St. Louis Organization Development Network agenda, Toby Elwin, Social Media Fight Flight or Friend

Shifting Role of Organization Development in Business – St. Louis bound

Organization Development, St. Louis, Organization Development Network agenda, Toby Elwin, Social Media Fight Flight or Friend

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Next week I will speak at the 2012, STL-ODN Conference. The day’s theme:  The Shifting Role of Organization Development in Business. The entire day’s agenda for St. Louis Organization Development Network [for those not familiar with the ODN acronym] is a topic near dear to my heart.

So, OD [either organization development or organizational development, choose your poison] and its role in business is the event. Highly relevant, as we do live in times where if a professional can not directly affect business results there is little opportunity at the business table.

The day’s events include impressive thinkers and topics:

Dr. Ann Beatty, Donna Martin, and Seth Leadbeater offer perspective on Challenges Businesses are Facing in Today’s Climate

Dr. Gary Mangiofico presents views on The Shifting Role of Organization Development in Business

Rob Kaiser and Susan Duff incite a riot with 2 different views Does the Strength Based Approach to Leadership Development Work?

Dr. Christian D. Boyd will present a session on Trust and Belonging: Practicing OD in Small, Non-Profit Organizations

Your humble blogger, Toby Elwin, will run a concurrent session on Social Media: Fight, Flight or Friend

Dr. Kristofer FenlasonLeslee Small, and Dr. Kyle Lundby are a panel for the closing session How to Cultivate a Culture of Innovation

I am honored for a spot in a lineup of a group of battle-tested professionals undaunted in our on-going struggle to help organizations and people develop excellence. I can not imagine a better group of people to be around, think with, and learn from.

Does organization development have a public relations issue? A branding issue? An academic ivory-tower-issue?


What a topic rife for dialogue amongst our navel-gazing brethren:  ask 10 people what OD means half mention drug addiction, well those in and around OD do use the term intervention, the rest:  unsure. So, who do we help?

Many thanks to The St. Louis Organization Development Network for reaching out and inviting me.

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  1. Congratulations Toby, wish I could be there to see your presentation in person. I look forward to the follow-up slideshow and reading about your experience at the conference.  

    1. Been a distinct challenge putting this together.  I have had my head down trying to figure a way to engage such a great community.  Has distracted me from engaging our conversations on Theory X and Theory Y – I will get back on that soon.

      When are you and I going to be on the same panel, somewhere.  Now, I’d pay for that privilege.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Fantastic material and presentation today, Toby! I will need a few days to noodle it all… So much to think about and explore in your slide deck. Thanks for being a part of our community today!

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