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Social media strategy review for Project Management Institute — New York

Yesterday at Project Management Institute New York City chapter all-day retreat to focus on communication and collaboration.

Below is the presentation Stephen Nosal, Vice President of Marketing, and I collaborated on to lead a discussion around integrated communication and what social media support might look like. Yesterday’s objectives included how the chapter shares events and activities that improve community persona need.

You can download Adobe Acrobat or PowerPoint version just below. To view presentation within this site, scroll below the 2 slides.

social media strategy, toby elwin, project management, communications, stately

Download Adobe Acrobat .pdf – Social Media and Strategy

Download my PowerPoint version to review my page notes for more detailed notes and sources.

social media strategy, project management, toby elwin, communications, strategy

Download PowerPoint – Social Media and Strategy

View deck through SlideShare embed.

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  1. Hey Toby, yet again I was happy to see my smiling face on one of your slides.

    Well done mate.

    Cheers, Shim.

    ps. we should really try and catch up to have a chat about social media strategy an how to create an effective one.

    1. Post

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