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How social media trumps marketing — presentation for Project Management Institute

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Today I was privileged to present to the Project Management Institute.  Full slides available to view and download below.  Also a Community Persona worksheet template is available to download and customize.

The discussion is how to use social media marketing, particular for volunteer organizations with local chapter reach.  The overview includes:

  • How to identify your community persona needs,
  • Find the communities to mingle in conversations where you engage, share thoughts, and provide answers,
  • Short-list the free tools to engage, create, measure, and monitor, and
  • Launch and manage social media in non-profit or volunteer resources

The tips are equally valid for anyone interested in the launch and management of a social media presence for ROI — Return on Involvement.

Information and Communication — How Social Media Trumps Marketing presentation

Download PowerPoint version How social media trumps marketing.pptx

Toby Elwin, community persona, project management institute, social media, presentation

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Review presentation embed below through slideshare.

Community Persona Design Template

Toby Elwin, community persona, template, design

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