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Stephen Cummings, Owner, Insights

“Toby exemplifies the next generational leadership that is shaping the future. He has an amazing ability to get to the crux of the matter quickly. When you combine this with his ability to astutely understand the needs of each client you will understand how he has become a trusted partner to senior leaders. He works effectively and comfortably within all organizational and skill levels; willing to take the time to impart and mentor in a productive ‘challenge and support’ role.

“Toby’s strategic leadership and hands-on assistance supported the Massachusetts Bay Organization Development Learning Groups* transformation into a learning community. Concurrently, his energy and enthusiasm helped mobilize and accelerate a change that enriched its 600+ membership; providing transferable Social Media skills and creating a foundation for greater connectivity and growth.

“If you want a partner who can listen carefully and help you design and then build an organization, Toby is an outstanding choice with a father’s heart that is both natural and a true legacy.”

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*update 2015: now Boston Facilitators Roundtable

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