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Highlight change management — an introduction to Appreciative Inquiry

The ability to change comes from the desire to change. The key to positive change is a person’s intrinsic motivation to change. Appreciative Inquiry works around a premise that we move and change in the direction we inquire.

Inquiries into problems will find problems.

Inquiries into what is working or what is best shines a light onto what works and possibilities of how it could work. Almost anyone can appreciate a switch that turns on a highlight of possibilities.

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Crowdsourcing your organization strategy, what’s to appreciate?

Crowdsourcing taps into the sociological power of people potentially unfamiliar with each other or with the situation. Crowdsourcing a strategic solution is the antithesis of the bureaucratic, and often autocratic, strategic planning performed by chosen few, behind closed doors, and finally unleashed unto the masses.

Appreciative Inquiry is a process where people participate and co-create a future they wish to be part of. Where people, formerly known as an audience of employees or stakeholders, now become the collaborators and designers who are approached as partners in modeling and forming organization strategy.

The result: replace a strategic plan pronouncement with strategic plan involvement.