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Reengineering marketing

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New conditions demand new business management strategy. Technology enabled a disruption greater than any department or team level at a company can solve.

Customers severed the business message and took control of marketing channels.

Media lost privilege, marketers lost their minds, business lost their playbook, and customer’s rewrote the rules of engagement.

We need to reengineer marketing from the outside in and then align people, process, and technology from the inside out.

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Fast Start — Social Media Landscape 2015

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The CMO 2015 Social Landscape partnered with Aberdeen Group to create a new chart and new evaluation criteria.

New social sites since arrive all the time, did your organization invest in Pinterest? Google+?

They might be an easy, what of Qzone? Plurk? or KakauTalk?

Now with Aberdeen Group research links you can find out what the heck to allot the VK budget.

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Fast Start — Social Media Landscape 2013

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Fast Start conversation:  In 2010 Chief Marketing Officer, created a CMO’s guide to the social media landscape. This guide presents a social landscape evaluation with a red, yellow, green, key representing good, OK, or bad investment across 4 topics: Customer Communication, Brand Exposure, Traffic to Your Site, and SEO This guide is designed to help a CMO decide where to invest and leverage social website like Facebook, digg, redditt, and In 2011 CMO updated their guide and added sites. Time out. digg?  Your organization not familiar with either? What about flickr? tumblr? In 2012, again, new sites arrived.  In 2012 did your organization invest in Pinterest? Google+? In 2013 a CMO might wonder about the total amount of sites that take attention and divide resources.  Was there a reduction in sites to focus?  Read what says about 2013. Are these Social …

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Social media strategy review for Project Management Institute — New York

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Yesterday worked with Project Management Institute New York City chapter in an all-day retreat with focus on communication and collaboration.

Offsite objectives included how the chapter shares events and activities that improve community persona need.

The presentation is included within and was used for discussion on integrated communication and what social media support might look like.

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Social Media in an Agile World

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Very pleased to present at Project Management Institute New York City chapter on Agile social media. Longtime PMI volunteer, Steve Nosal, and myself presented Agile project management methods as a perfect blend to create and manage social media impact. Agile social media presented a great opportunity to formalize some thoughts from my Lean into social media post and present to a very active and engaged community. Agile Social Media Agile project management puts the customer at the center of the effort, relies on rapid prototyping, and transparency. Social media feedback, testing, and measurements are Agile project methods. User stories rely on persona methods. Many thanks to PMINYC for the invitation. You can download Adobe Acrobat or PowerPoint version just below.  To view presentation within this site, scroll past. Download my PowerPoint version to review my page notes for more detailed notes and sources. View below.  Invite me to speak at your event.

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Trust Agents by the book

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In 2008 I was lucky to live in Kenmore Square, Cambridge, MA. Firstly, Cambridge is a great city to live in, both as a single person and with a family – just a great quality of life. Secondly, two streets away from where I lived was a company, called HubSpot, that was really coming on the social media scene. What makes HubSpot fantastic is commitment to free service and free education to any and all willing and wanting to learn about search engine optimization, Web 2.0, social media marketing, and search engine marketing, and the tools, insights, and principles bubbling around the digital and inbound marketing social media scene. Luck, as well, that through the HubSpot team I was introduced to the thinkers and pioneers in the field, all approachable all evangelists for transparency and all willing to share any discovery they made with you. I discovered …

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How social media trumps marketing — presentation for Project Management Institute

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Today I was privileged to present to the Project Management Institute.  Full slides available to view and download below.  Also a Community Persona worksheet template is available to download and customize. The discussion is how to use social media marketing, particular for volunteer organizations with local chapter reach.  The overview includes: How to identify your community persona needs, Find the communities to mingle in conversations where you engage, share thoughts, and provide answers, Short-list the free tools to engage, create, measure, and monitor, and Launch and manage social media in non-profit or volunteer resources The tips are equally valid for anyone interested in the launch and management of a social media presence for ROI — Return on Involvement. Information and Communication — How Social Media Trumps Marketing presentation Download PowerPoint version How social media trumps marketing.pptx Review presentation embed below through …

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Fast Start — Gartner Report lends disturbing CIO view on social media

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Fast Start conversation:  While doing research on my Change Management is Dead blog series I came across a Gartner 2012 CIO Agenda Executive Report. Gartner’s survey population:  2,335, global CIOs, representing more than $321 billion in corporate and public–sector IT spending. Here is a chart from the report reveals how CIOs view social media: Correct me if I am wrong, but CIO stands for CHIEF Information Officer?  Category responses Folly, Fearful, and Flippant make up a majority, 52%, of CIO responses.  Disturbing. What are your thoughts for the organizations led by the 28% of CIOs who are Formulating? About 10 years ago I worked with a CIO who told me the letters stand for Career Is Over.  That CIO had gallows humor. Today, with opinions Gartner collected above, their Career IS really Over. Check out:  Gartner’s 2012 CIO Agenda page that includes a video, an executive summary, and the entire …

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Small business web design review, principles to meet promise

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I interact with lots of folks who ask that I review their website and suggest changes.  Many people are well-intentioned to join social media or build a site as a marketing outlet to promote themselves, their business, their thoughts, their organization, or their community.  This does not always meet web design need:  the need to meet other’s objectives. There are many tools available to launch an manage a quick website. There are many companies that offer to build you a site. However, I get many site owners tell me they unsatisfied with the look of their site or the results of their efforts.  Form follows function, not the other way around. Do I Know Web Design? Since the mid-90s I’ve designed websites and portals.  To learn the basics to build a site my boss had me write web pages with a …

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Social metrics that matter to your boss

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A business case usually relies on numbers.  Numbers to justify the investment, numbers to project the return on investment, and numbers to compare against other investment opportunities. Numbers that matter, matter differently dependent on the view of the person you talk to. Certainly social media, or social software, numbers rely on us to know our boss and know their need and understand what their need for numbers is to evaluate success. Recently, I went to Google for a social media metrics search and came across a good article to share for two reasons.  But, context really, my search spurred from discussion with someone who asked what metrics do I need to make a business case for social media success to my C-level?  Making dumb, data-driven decisions is not a wise career move. I had not been asked to make a data-driven business …

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Company social media strategy reflects organization culture — marketing

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Insight into corporate, social media strategy lends insight into governance. Insight into social media management lends insight into employee management.

A company marketing strategy and the people who lead, develop, and execute that marketing strategy, are a proxy for organization culture.

If web 1.0 brought about the concept content is king, the maturity to a web 2.0 and social media environment are achieved through the concept community is king. You can you develop a community unless you are a transparent part of a community.