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Company social media strategy reflects organization culture — sales

Social media is a wasted investment if the wrong numbers are valued over the right ratios. Social media is not a sales promo blitzkrieg, social media is an engagement strategy.

Culture is the way things are done. Getting something done in a culture is understanding what the culture values and how to navigate.

A relationship built on a transaction is a relationship built on perceived value; sales or otherwise. A relationship built for a sale is a relationship that starts with the end game and that end game is more transparent to the mark than you realize.

Social media strategy provides proof of involvement and the real tolerance an organization has to listen to a diverse community of voices and harness the contrarians.

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Fast Start — Digital Differences and Internet Adoption

Fast Start conversation:  One in five American adults do not use the Internet. Half of the American 20% who do not use the Internet feel the Internet is irrelevant to them. Check out the Pew Research Center report page or the Digital differences .pdf download. What does this 20% mean to you or your company?

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Fast Start — Stores Smarten Up Amid Spam Flood

Fast start conversation:  Last year the nation’s top, 100, e-commerce retailers sent 177 emails to every email customer they had; the most aggressive of these sent 500 emails each. Online sales are 9% of total sales. Does this article expect Stores Smarten Up Amid Spam Flood? What would you do?